About Us

Your restaurant website might not directly provide anyone with food or drink, but, if done right, it can give them a reason to actively seek out your restaurant for that purpose.

What is our goal?

While the ultimate goal is to get guests to come through your front door (even if it’s just to pick up a takeout order), your restaurant website can play a major role in getting them there. And Google Analytics & Google Optimize are the key to leveraging those insights to increase business within the restaurant. 

Why this approach?

Google Analytics isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly of data collection platforms. But, it is “comped” for your restaurant! Yes, you can use it free! A lot of data is collected here, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. The restaurant management must understand what consumers think about your restaurant and how they interact with it on the web as they do when they visit your dining establishment in person.

What is the right metric to measure success?

Our team of specialists will be able to answer all your questions, such as:
WHO are my visitors?
WHAT did they do when they visited?
WHERE did they come from?
WHEN did they start arriving?
HOW did they spend their time on your restaurant site?
WHY did visitors stay on or leave your site?

Why testing and learning?

Reviewing website data isn’t just about logging in and being satisfied with the number of visitors each day. In your restaurant, you’re not solely focused on the number of people who fill your seats during each shift, right? You want to know what their experience was, if they’ll return, and what was so good that they couldn’t help but rave about it later.

When testing, there is always lesson learned!

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