Go Flexitarian

Four reasons to go flexitarian:

1)      Environmental: The production of plant-based meat generates fewer greenhouse gases than that of animal meat.

(2)      Resource scarcity: Plant-based meat is identified as a way to conserve the planet’s land and water resources, as it requires less of both to produce relative to animal-based meat.

(3)      Animal Welfare: Plant-based meat products are animal-free. According to data from the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, ~72billion animals globally are slaughtered annually for food.

(4)      Health: Various health benefits from consuming plant-based meat are often cited. For example, according to the American Heart Association, consuming a primarily plant-based diet reduces one’s risk of heart failure by 42%.

Go Flexitarian from Today’s Dinner!

Here are some delicious and healthy flexitarian recipe ideas provided by our chef

Serbian Stuffed Peppers

Mapo Tofu

Low-Carb Caponata, Courgette and Ricotta Lasagna

Ploughman's Scotch Egg

Japanese Style Burger