Top Shelf Analytics helps direct-response marketing companies improve marketing efficiency and gain visibility into future performance.

Here are 3 major pain points we solve:

1) You know you need to start doing analysis, but aren’t sure where to start

Many companies find themselves with substantial growth and revenue, but haven’t yet built up the expertise to analyze the profitability of their customers and campaigns.  Executives don’t know which marketing spending is most effective nor what they can do to improve performance. This results in a lot of opinion-based arguments about how to spend marketing dollars, instead of data-based decisions.

We will create a vision for you that lays out the most useful analysis, which data sources to use, and what support is needed to create and maintain that work.

2) You don’t have anyone to do the analysis

Perhaps you don’t need someone full time.  Or you want someone with experience to do your initial rounds of analysis to work out all the issues of getting it done right the first time.  Or you want to get a better idea of what analysis needs to be done and what’s needed on an ongoing basis before you hire someone.

We do everything necessary to evaluate your marketing profitability, including evaluating your data quality, building summaries to make the analysis digestible, and recommending actions based on the results.   The Analysis Examples page shows several of the most common solutions.

3) You want to evaluate different scenarios

A common desire is trying to answer “what if” questions.  What if we invest more in marketing?  What if response rates go down?  Do we have enough cash?  How do we double our customer base?

We build Excel models that let you change whatever inputs are important to you.  You can then evaluate the implications for customer counts, revenues, profitability, and cash balance.