Analysis Examples

Many clients start with the general idea of “I know I should be doing more analysis”, but struggle to express exactly what they’re looking for.   Part of our work with you is designing the right set of analytics for your business.

However, many of the analytic objectives come up frequently.  Below are examples of the most common analysis to help you visualize some of the results we deliver.

1) Are my marketing campaigns profitable?  How should I prioritize my spending?

Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) determines which marketing channels and campaigns are most efficient.


2) How much does it cost to get a customer?

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) analysis assigns marketing costs to customers generated by campaigns.


3) How long do my customers stay?  What’s the average life of a customer?

Monthly Retention analysis lets you evaluate customer lifetime and establish trends for forecasting



4) What is my monthly profit per customer?

Monthly margin analysis matches up incremental revenues and expenses to determine monthly profitability.

5) What is the lifetime value of a customer?

Lifetime value (LTV) is the total profit generated by an average customer, which can be calculated in aggregate, by channel, and by campaign.


6) How many customers will I have next year?

Forecast new and total customer counts based on your assumptions for marketing spend, conversion rates, intake curves, and retention.


7) What will my revenues be next year?  How much cash do I need to invest?

Build a full P&L model by combining financial assumptions with customer volume projections.